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Ought Eight: A Year In Review

December 31, 2008

As 2008 comes to a close, we are forced to take a look back. We all had our ups and downs, likely filled with some fuzzy memories and some harsh regret. So now I’ll share with you what made 2008 a love/hate year for me.

#10. I MOVED – No disrespect to my previous roommates, but for the first time in my life, I get to live in a house. Also, the new place offers some awesome amenities that I really missed having (i.e. a backyard, a shower head, and a toilet that doesn’t move when you sit on it!!!)

#9. (TIE) MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE – IF & LOCAL H – TWELVE ANGRY MONTHS – Ah, two bands from my past, both of which I think catch a bad rap from just about everyone. Sure, it may not be cool to dig these guys, but I never really was very cool to begin with.

#8. THOMAS FUNCTION – CELEBRATION – After a friend played this for me, I picked this up at one of their live shows. Then, my roommate “borrowed” it and moved to Nebraska. If I remember correctly, though, it’s pretty friggin’ good.

#7. NO MORE “W” – Sure, we all knew coming into 2008 that this would be happening, but it still tastes just as sweet.

#6. DEERHOOF – OFFEND MAGGIE – To any aspiring musicians: GO SEE DEERHOOF!!! This is how a band should act onstage.

#5. THE DARK KNIGHT – I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but 2008 seemed like a really weak year for movies, with the exception of this latest Batman flick.

#4. MARC RIBOT’S CERAMIC DOG – PARTY INTELLECTUALS – Without a doubt the best surprise album of the year. I did not expect to like this album as much as I did.

#3. JOHN THE SAVAGEKITCHEN VOODOO – If you’ve seen anything I’ve written for Tastes Like Chicken in the past year or so, it should be no surprise that the first proper John The Savage album is on this list. If there’s air in your lungs and you haven’t heard this band, you need to check them out. If you live in Milwaukee and haven’t heard them, you have no excuse.

#2. COLD WAR KIDS – LOYALTY TO LOYALTY – Not adhering to the typical “sophomore slump” that most bands go through, Loyalty To Loyalty finds the Cold War Kids putting out an album even better than their previous release.

#1. GETTING LAID – It’s no coincidence that this wasn’t on my “best of” the last couple of years. It was quite a painful drought for me what with the chafing and all. But I’m now proud to say that I’m getting nookie on a regular basis.


(Note: There were a ton of things fucked up about 2008, but rather than going through shit that I didn’t even waste time paying attention to, (like The Jonas Brothers or the Sex & The City movie) here are the five worst things that I actually wasted my time hearing, seeing or thinking about.

#5. WEEZER – WEEZER (RED ALBUM) – I was twelve years old when the Blue Album came out, and I’ve been a Weezer fan ever since. I’ll probably never completely give up on them, but they REALLY tested me with this one.

#4. GEORGE CARLIN IS DEAD – After he died, I was really hoping he was gonna resurrect and reveal himself as the second coming of Christ in the most amazing display of irony I’ve ever seen. Much to my chagrin, this is not the case.

#3. THE STRANGERS – I know a lot of people who said they liked this movie, but FUCK THIS MOVIE! It wasn’t scary, it wasn’t interesting, and in a lot of ways, it made no fucking sense whatsoever. Some have said that the plot seems a little weak because this film is based on a true story. I’m sorry, but that’s no excuse. Do you know what they call it when you tell someone a story about your life and nothing noteworthy happens? A boring fucking story!!!

#2. THE END OF THE WORLD – December 21, 2012: That is the day the world will meet its demise, or so I was told this year. If this happens to be true, then that means any plans I made for the future are all for naught. On top of that, after all the talk about 1999 being doomsday and then the whole Y2K thing, even if 12/21/12 is all she wrote, no rational person, including me, is gonna believe it. This means that on 12/20/12 I’ll probably just go about my regular business. I’ll go to work and continue thinking and worrying about dumb shit that won’t even matter the next day. So all I ask is this: If December 21st 2012 really is it for the human race, just give me a week’s notice so that I can call in sick to work and do a ton of blow.

#1. OBAMA LOVE – Alright people, now understand this: I like Barack Obama. I voted for Barack Obama. I think he’ll do a much better job in the White House than George W. That being said, everyone must realize something: Republican or Democrat, a President is still a President. And with that title comes all the deceit and corruption that has accompanied every other president since we can remember. I’d love to be proven wrong on this one, but odds are I won’t be. So if you wanna be a good citizen, support your president. But do NOT become enamored with him. It’s our duty to keep a watchful eye on the actions of our elected officials to keep them in check as much as we can. Hell, I’ve already heard Obama go back on a couple campaign promises, and he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet. Does that make him a bad president? Not necessarily, it just makes him a president; who should be subjected to the same scrutiny and second-guessing as any other man who has sat behind the Oval Office desk.