Lost Soles

In case you haven’t heard, thousands of shoes surfaced on a Miami freeway yesterday morning (the story is here).  The shoes actually forced officials to temporarily close the roadway so that the sea of footwear could be removed.  Amazingly, no one knows how they got there or who left them there.  And as it happens, sleuthing is a hobby of mine.  So seeing as I’ve already grabbed my pipe and replica Sherlock Holmes hat, I’d appreciate it if you’d indulge me as I present some theories to help solve this mystery.

1.    Political Motivation – The shoes were dropped in response to the “shoe throwing at President Bush” incident.  Apparently, someone thought a few more Birkenstocks should be hurled towards W’s melon.  And what better place to drop them off then in his brother’s home state.


2.    A Truck Transporting The Shoes Accidentally Did Not Lock Their Trailer – This explanation is way too rational to be interesting.  Let’s move on.


3.    Art – I’m typically perplexed when artists perform something like this.  But it could be as simple as: shoes on the freeway are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


4.    Leprechaun – If you’ve seen the hit Warwick Davis & Jennifer Anniston flick, you’d know that a leprechaun has a compulsive urge to clean and shine any shoe that crosses its path.  Perhaps someone was on the run from said leprechaun and needed a means to buy them some time.


5.    It’s Funny – Perhaps there was no motivation, other than the fact that it’s just a hilarious prank.  We can only hope.


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