A Fanboy’s Rant

If you’ve ever shaken my hand, shared a conversation with me, or just gazed at my record collection, you’d know that I’m a huge Nirvana fan.  I currently have a collection of 34 CDs, 9 books, 7 DVDs and tons of other random items dedicated to a band that really only recorded three proper full-length studio albums (pretty sick, huh).  And seeing as today, February 20th, would be Kurt Cobain’s 42nd birthday, I figured you may want to celebrate with me.

Typically, every February 20th and April 5th (which is the day Cobain died) I try to listen to nothing but Nirvana.  This year will be no different, but I figured I’d also let you in on a website that’s celebrating his birthday a little differently.

I didn’t want to link this website, but I figured some people might not believe it otherwise.  So anyways, it’s called “Worn Free” and the Kurt Cobain page is here.  I received an email telling me that on this site you can purchase replicas of T-shirts that Kurt actually wore throughout Nirvana’s heyday.  If you think I’m gonna write about how lame that is, you obviously haven’t read the first paragraph of this post.    

So I clicked on the link to the site and thought about which shirts would be included, and sure enough, there they were.  They had the UK music magazine Sounds T-shirt, the Olympia Beer shirt, and the ever-famous Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston shirt, to name a few.  As I pondered on which shirt to purchase, I looked down at the prices.  The cheapest of all the shirts was, drum roll please…..


Fuck this website!  I’ve spent a lot of money on stupid shit, but I am not spending fifty bucks on a T-shirt.  Especially considering I already bought the Hi, How Are You T-shirt last year at a Daniel Johnston show, where I paid $15 for it!  

It just really pisses me off that this website is using Kurt Cobain’s birthday as an opportunity to sell T-shirts with a 500% markup.  I know you can make an argument that Nirvana “sold out to the corporate rock gods,” but compared to artists now who put out albums when they’re not hocking Vitamin Water, Kurt & Co. held onto a good chunk of integrity.  And I think we could all agree that Kurt would be just as pissed (though I’m sure Courtney’s lovin’ it).

Look, I know I’m a total nerd.  If these shirts would’ve been a few bucks cheaper, I probably would’ve bought one (or more) of them.  That, however, does not justify the actions of the site.  It only proves that I’ve got some serious problems.  But instead of dwelling on all of this, I’m gonna just try to treat this as any other February 20th, and hope that I don’t remember it as the day I saw a website rape a dead man.


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One Response to “A Fanboy’s Rant”

  1. Camelot Says:

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

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