Sending Me A Dollar

When I was four years old, I wanted to be a pro wrestler.  Then I realized I had the physique and strength of a Q-tip.  When I was eight years old, I wanted to be an Air Force pilot.  Soon after, I developed a debilitating fear of flying.  At thirteen, I wanted to be a rock star.  But when I grabbed a guitar a year later and penned my first little ditty, I realized that anything with ears would be happier if I left the songwriting to others.  At sixteen I started writing, and even though it hasn’t paid the bills, it has helped me keep my sanity.

The fact is that, outside of getting free CDs or concert tickets, I’ve never been paid for my writing.  I actually went so far as to make a New Year’s resolution for ’09 that I at least get some compensation within the next twelve months for putting pen to paper.  And seeing as there aren’t any publications clamoring for my services, I’ve decided to take some initiative.  It is for this reason that I now will officially begin the “Send James Dolata A Dollar” contest.  So if you’re reading this and have at least moderately enjoyed anything I’ve ever written, I am offering you the opportunity to be the first person ever to actually pay me for my writing.

The rules are simple.

1.    The dollar must be sent by snail mail to me in check form at:

James Dolata

2462 North Bremen St.

Milwaukee, WI 53212

2.    The person whose check I receive first will be declared the winner.  (Any check I receive after the winner’s check will be voided.  I’m literally asking one person for one dollar.)

The victorious party will receive a formal thank you from me in the form of a post on this blog.  Also, a copy of their check will be framed and hung somewhere in my house.  And once again, they will have the honor of being the first person to ever pay me for my writing.  (Yeah, the prizes are lame, but what did you really expect.)

Let the games begin.


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7 Responses to “Sending Me A Dollar”

  1. spurgin Says:

    I was going to send you a dollar, but then i realized: if i cant remember to send you a cd, why would i bother sending you a check for a dollar with “butt sexxx” written in the memo line?

    Speaking of cd’s, I gave it to andy, did he give it to you?

    • jamesdolata Says:

      Please don’t write “butt sexxx” in the memo line. It will give off the impression that I charge for that kind of thing.

      Oh, and I did get the CD (thanks for the added artwork).

  2. Nickie Says:

    im angry i can’t send a dollar. checks are so stoneage.

  3. nickierouleau Says:

    and in protest.. I’ve started my own blog. so how about that JAMES DOLATA! I’ll get my dollar first!

    • jamesdolata Says:

      sorry, but if I just mount a dollar bill on my wall, how would anyone know that someone sent it to me. the rule was clearly stated for a check to be sent. I suppose a money order could work too, though.

  4. nickierouleau Says:

    No dice. People would know I sent it to you because I’d write.. I sent this to James Dolata on it.. and I was going to include an original dinosaur drawing.

    • jamesdolata Says:

      Once again, I’m sorry, but I can’t change the rules. Trust me, I’m just as pissed as you, cause Jackie told me about the dinosaur drawing and I do want it.

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