Why I’m On The Couch

Every year about this time, I tend to disappear and “hermitize” to my home even more than usual.  Calls to go to the bar go unnoticed, invites to parties are ignored, and any venture out of the house must be deemed essential before commencing.  Although I’m sure you don’t consider the next eight weeks to be anything special, I do; because tomorrow the NHL Playoffs begin.  (And has a bonus, my hometown AHL team, the Milwaukee Admirals, start their playoff run on Thursday.

Now I know that to most sports’ fans there are more important things going on, the start of the MLB season & the NBA playoffs, but for me the hockey postseason is where it’s at.  The games are just flat-out better.  The tension is clearly higher than the basketball postseason, as you’ll see tons of hockey games going into overtime, and a handful of those games going into double, triple, or sometimes even quadruple overtime.  And the action is obviously superior to that of baseball.  I mean let’s face it, do you wanna see Boston’s left winger take a full-blown body check into the boards, or would you rather watch the Orioles designated hitter spitting out sunflower seeds from the bench?  I rest my case.

I’m gonna try not to go off on too much of a tangent here, but I’ll watch Sportscenter or listen to sports talk radio every now and then, and they seem to cover hockey as if it was women’s high school lacrosse.  I know I carry a bit of a bias, but I do watch football, baseball, and basketball; so I do understand that hockey doesn’t have the popularity that those sports have, but if the press is just looking for really good fucking games, they should be covering the shit out of the NHL Playoffs.  But they don’t.  They just treat hockey like a fresh sore on their cocks; they know it’s there, but ignore it, and they refuse to talk out about it unless something really weird happens.

So to hell with the sports media and their diseased genitalia.  Watch hockey.


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3 Responses to “Why I’m On The Couch”

  1. Perry Z Says:

    Hey James, I agree! no respect I tell ya! Anyways the Nugget here in Seattle will also be watchin the playoffs! One of my life goals or one of my items on my bucket list is to go to one Stanley cup game. No matter what team, it’s the freakin Stanley cup! Also Go Admirals!!!!!

    • jamesdolata Says:

      You should really get your ass to Milwaukee if the Ads make it to the championship. Perhaps a Calder Cup game can suffice in the meantime.

  2. Perry Z Says:

    Damn James I totaly would but that would be an expensive ticket including airfare. But anyways I just be lazy and watchthe playoffs from my couch on the cunuckle station. Have fun at the Ads game! Word!

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