Review: The Hussy – Winter Daze

I have to start off by apologizing for not updating the blog for a while, but it’s been a trying fortinight.  You see, I recently received a couple of 7” from the Madison, WI duo The Hussy.  Upon receiving the record, I quickly realized that I don’t have a record player.  So the first couple of days that their albums were in my possession I was busy making calls to friends, trying desperately to temporarily procure one of those fancy phonographs.  And after a few long days, I was able to get my hands on a turntable.  Fate was finally smiling on me, or so I thought.

Because I tend to listen to the music I’m reviewing as I write the review, I booted up my computer as soon as the record player was hooked up.  I walked away from the monitor for a minute and upon returning viewed a blue screen with words and numbers I had never seen before.  Being a technical retard, I called my roommate Jeremy downstairs.  After a quick investigation, he informed me that my computer’s hard drive had crashed.  So the for the small fee of a medium Pizza Hut pizza, Jeremy was nice enough to get everything working again in less than a day.  I did lose everything that was previously saved, but I didn’t care.  I had my computer back and was ready to write a review, right?

I turned my computer on, turned the record player on, and started listening to Side B’s opener “Head Set,” and suddenly all the trouble seemed worth the wait.  This band really seemed to cut through all the bullshit, giving an incredible high energy “garage rock on crack” feel.  I actually checked the liner notes of the album to reconfirm that there were only two people in this band.  I couldn’t wait for the next track.  Unfortunately, I’m still waiting.

As soon as the first track ended and the next one, “Winter Daze,” began, the turntable slowed down to an eventual halt, never to start again.  This isn’t even my record player, and now it’s broke.  I started to wonder if some higher power just didn’t want me to write a review.  If that actually was the case, I’m really spitting in the face of some deity.   Because even though I didn’t get to hear this release in its entirety, I did check out as much as I could online.  And believe me, it’s all really fucking good.

So be sure to check out The Hussy and buy all their shit.  And seeing as most of the people who read this blog reside in the Milwaukee area, go check them out live…

June 5th @ Linneman’s

June 19th @ Frank’s Power Plant

July 3rd @ Frank’s Power Plant

July 17th @ Globe South


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One Response to “Review: The Hussy – Winter Daze”

  1. James Says:

    Thanks for the information, I’m an avid phonograph fan and have been researching (and buying) them for over 10 years now!

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