So I Have A New Roommate

Yup, there’s some fresh meat at my house.  Unfortunately though, this new dweller never pays rent, makes us buy his food, and leaves his shit everywhere.

His attitude is terrible.  It’s not uncommon to see him just strolling around the place with a pompous attitude, yet he whines like a little bitch if you go somewhere without him.  His bipolar tendencies can constantly throw you off as he’ll seem fine one minute and then all pissy the next.  And when you actually do want him around, he tends to just fall asleep, sometimes on the couch right next to you, as if to say, “That’s great, but anything could be more entertaining than you right now.”

He walks around the house like he owns the place.  He knocks shit over without picking it up, refuses to bathe, and goes through food like a savage. Although I guess the last one is rather fitting seeing as his name is…


In case you haven’t figured it out, I got a dog.  And he’s quite a little fucker.


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One Response to “So I Have A New Roommate”

  1. Nickie Says:

    Uhh Jaws is a badass.

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