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So Yeah, He’s Dead

June 26, 2009

It’s insane how I don’t even have to say his name and you already know who I’m talking about.

I wanted to wait a day before writing anything about Michael Jackson.  I was curious to see how both my self and the rest of the world would react to the news.  As for the world, it’s pretty much just what I expected.  People who previously ripped his image to shreds were now paying tribute (but still occasionally getting some “under-the-breath-type-potshots” in.  Not that I blame them.  After all, Michael Jackson is, or was, one of the only people in the world that could get so much hatred and adoration thrown at him at the same time.  And both were completely merited.  If you loved him, I could completely understand why.  If you hated him, I could completely understand why.

As for me, even though Michael Jackson’s music is some of the first music I ever remember hearing, I never really considered myself a “hardcore” Michael Jackson fan.  When I was a kid, I listened to Thriller and Bad and loved them (even though my brother and sister used to lock me in the basement,  in the dark with “Thriller” playing, knowing full-well that Vincent Price’s part in that song would scare me to the point of tears).  I even stuck around and bought Dangerous when it was released.  But it never really went much further than that.  I never had any Michael Jackson posters on my wall, never wore a Michael Jackson T-shirt, and I never had any urge to see him live.

Despite all of this, when I heard the news of his death, it really hit me hard.  Not in any kind of emotional or sad way, but more in an obsessive-compulsive way.  For the past 30 hours, every conversation I’ve had has started with words about Michael Jackson.  Everything I’ve watched on TV has either been Michael Jackson videos or MSNBC’s news coverage of his death.  My iPod has only been playing my Essential Michael Jackson album.

I think what it comes down to is this:  The majority of people walking this earth right now have some memory in their life that Michael Jackson ties into; whether it’s a song, video, or one of the stranger things he did.  Unlike almost every other celebrity death, this is one that everybody is thinking about.  How many entertainers can you talk to your eight-year-old cousins and your grandparents about?  Jesus, it’s even reported that 60% of albums sold in the last day have been Michael Jackson records.

At the end of the day, all of us are Michael Jackson fans; because we can’t stop talking about him.

p.s.  I was gonna include some Michael Jackson videos with this post, but I figured everybody’s doing it.  So here’s my favorite “Michael Jackson related” videos:

Crispin Glover covering “Ben”

Prisoners recreating “Thriller”


C’mon Guys

June 18, 2009

Please take a minute and answer the following three questions:

  1. Do you live outside of the Milwaukee area?
  2. Are you under 21?
  3. Did you have to work any time after 10:00pm yesterday (06-17-09)?

Now before I go on, I have to let you know that no matter how you answered these questions, you are reading my blog and therefore I love you unconditionally.  But if you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this post doesn’t really apply to you.

If, however, you answered “no” to all of these questions, you better have a damn good excuse for missing Prizzy Prizzy Please’s performance last night at Cactus Club.  I checked the stats on my blog so I know quite a few people read the last post I put up about the show.  And I’m fairly sure that no one who read it came.  C’mon guys!

It should be obvious by the low quality of my writing that I don’t get paid for telling people to go to a certain show or buy a certain album.  If I write about how good something is, I do it because I believe it and because I think you, valued reader, will enjoy it.  I try not to waste time talking up any band or movie or whatever that I think is mediocre.  I’m not gonna steer you wrong folks.  Because those of us who did show up were treated to an awesome show by one of the most underrated bands out there.  Prizzy Prizzy Please surely did not disappoint.

So now that the show has passed and you missed it, be sure to check out some of their shit here and check out the videos below.