Aaah, July

Aaah, July, that lovely 31 day span that brings triple digit temperatures to the warehouse I work at.  Aaah July, that glorious month that drives me to wear shorts at least once, often resulting in onlookers shielding their eyes as the sun beats off of my pale, “Powder-like” legs.  Yup, I think it’s safe to say that July was made to piss off three kinds of people:  Goths, albinos, and me.

Lucky for me, there are actually some really awesome things going on in Milwaukee in the next two weeks or so that can keep me occupied; and hopefully make the sweat on my taint a little less annoying.  Here they are.

July 2

Hey, that’s today.  And if you happen to be reading this today, turn your computer off and get your ass to Cactus Club to see The Paper Chase.  Then, when you get back, finish reading this blog.  (I’ll get more hits that way.)

July 4

Celebrate your Independence Day in Bay View at the Red, White, & Pabst Blue Ribbon Street Festival, which is featuring Stephen Malkmus, Maps & Atlases, and a solo performance from John The Savage’s Mike Skorcz.  Once your good and sauced on those $2 PBRs, make the 10 minute or so walk to Club Garibaldi’s where Skorcz will join the rest of the band for a John The Savage show.

July 5

This year marks the fewest number of days I’ve been to Summerfest .  But I’ll surely be there on the fifth for the Brew City Bruisers Exhibition Bout.  If you’re like me and have been getting the itch since the end of the regular season in May, here’s an opportunity to get your derby fix.  And be sure to get your seconds on the 18th as the Bruisers’ All-Star Team faces Madison’s Dairyland Dolls at the Milwaukee County Sports Complex.

July 11

Back to Cactus Club I will be a week from Saturday to see Thomas Function, an awesome band who finds their way to Milwaukee quite regularly.  And I don’t know why I wrote that first sentence in such a Yoda-esque way.  Sorry.  Just go see these guys.

Good-bye I say.


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