It Never Gets Old

A few months ago, my fiancée Jackie and I went to her dad’s house to play the Nintendo Wii that he recently purchased.  When it was my turn, I stepped up from the couch and began a game that required me to pantomime bowling.  After my first throw, I eyed up the screen to set up for a spare.  I wound back to take my shot.  The only problem was Jackie, who was sitting behind me, decided to get up from the couch to go the kitchen.

POW!  A Wii controller right to her eye, in front of her father no less.

We all have stories or have heard stories like this, and quite frankly, I have yet to get sick of any them.  Start watching this video at about the 5 minute mark and enjoy.


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One Response to “It Never Gets Old”

  1. Perry Says:

    Makes me want to buy an expensive tv only to be crushed and cry over it’s breakage!

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