Sending Me A Quarter

A few months ago, I asked you for your dollars.  Now, I need even less.  I need your quarters.

Back in 1999, my dad started collecting all of the state quarters, intending to give me all of the coins when the entire series was done being minted in 2008.  Unfortunately he died in 2006 and our family, having much more important things to worry about, did not keep looking for the coins.

This brings us to the present.  I recently was given the incomplete collection and spent three hours yesterday rifling through my change jar scavenging for the remaining coins.  Surprisingly, I found quite a few of them.  In fact, I currently have 94 out of the 100 quarters.  But for as close as I may be to completion, I am also extremely impatient.  And this is why I need your help.  My desire to finish what my dad started combined with my own unhealthy compulsive behavior has turned this simple act of collecting into an obsessive quest.  Every acquisition of change becomes a gut wrenching experience as the realization dawns that this handful doesn’t have the quarter I need.  The feeling of disappointment is only rivaled by the fury towards George Washington on the flipside of the currency, with his snide expression and refusal to look me in the eye.  Fuck you Mr. Washington.  I will win this.

Anyways, here’s what I need:

Every state had two different quarters minted, one in Philadelphia and one in Denver.  The only way to tell the difference is to look for the “D” or “P” on the “heads side” of the coin (as shown below).

I already have all of the Denver coins, so every state I need will have a “P” just to the right of Washington’s fat head.  So the next time you go through your quarters, please look carefully for “P” versions of the following states:

  1. North Dakota (2006) [Found This One!!!]
  2. Washington (2007) [Got This One!!! Thanks Jenny]
  3. Idaho (2007) [Got This One!!! Thanks Rena]
  4. Utah (2007)  [Got This One!!! Thanks Erin]
  5. Oklahoma (2008) [Got This One!!! Thanks Mike]
  6. Hawaii (2008) [Found This One!!!]

If you happen to find any of these, please email me here.  We can then discuss a trade of quarters for sexual favors, or just a simple “thank you” if that will suffice.


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10 Responses to “Sending Me A Quarter”

  1. Perry Says:

    Sorry bro, looked thru my big jug of change and no luck. Hope you have better news with other people.
    Your bud in Seattle,
    Perry Z

  2. It Girl Says:

    Damn. I went through my many reservoirs of change and felt that same disappointment when I didn’t find any of them. I will keep looking. We’ll get your quarters, kid.

  3. Sarah Sobczak Says:

    i’m a bit of a dork and collect coins..i will see what i can do for you! LOL

  4. Justin Derleth Says:

    I FOUND IT!!!

    Strange way to get back in touch after 14 years if I do say so myself.

    • jamesdolata Says:

      It’s been a long time man. I’m not sure if you’re referring to my site or one of the quarters, but I actually just got all of them. But thanks man.

  5. Josh McDowell Says:

    haha the one who is posting the comments

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