Brittany Murphy’s Final Thoughts

It’s kinda funny really.  I was Just Married in 2007, and now I find myself Riding In Cars With Boys driving down the Freeway, trying to get to 8 Mile road.  My GPS is broken, my dress is covered in Bongwater, and I’m completely Clueless as to where I am.  Man, this town has got me Spun.

I wish I was back in Sin City.  They treat me like I’m King Of The Hill there.  If the Cherry Falls out of my drink, there’s a dozen guys there in a second to pick it up and tell me how Drop Dead Gorgeous I am.  I know their all just trying to find their way into my Little Black Book, but they gotta realize that my Happy Feet just don’t walk into any guy’s room; because a Girl Interrupted by a boy is just another girl who has given up on her dreams.

God my life is tough.  Maybe I should do another line.  What’s the worst that could happen?


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