A Day Ruined?

This morning, the world woke up to another day.  Many crawled out of bed at an early hour, got dressed, and went to work.  Children arose and cleared the eye boogers from their ocular cavities before shuffling their way off to school.  The animals of the planet rummaged the land for sustenance, and the plants reached for the sun’s warmth while swaying with the breeze of our atmosphere.  Millions upon millions of nature’s life sustaining miracles graced us today, and I wonder how this is possible.  How can our existence continue, thrive, or have any meaning now that Corey Haim has shuffled off this mortal coil?

I know it’s only March, but let’s face facts here folks.  In the scope of celebrity deaths, I’m not sure that 2010 will provide us with a more insignificant passing than that of Corey Feldman’s best friend.  Sure, I loved The Lost Boys and I end up watching License To Drive every time it’s on cable, but c’mon.  Even in his heyday and highest level of popularity, Mr. Haim couldn’t even claim that he was the “go-to-Corey” in Hollywood.  Even the circumstances of his death are beyond boring: Former child star dies from accidental overdose after claiming to be off the wagon.  It doesn’t get much more cliché than that.  (He could’ve at least left a note blaming a former co-star for his death; something like “I’ve always been a Corey, never the Corey.  Good-bye cruel world, hello Feldman-less eternity.”)

If you did not personally know Corey Haim and your day lost some gusto after hearing of his death, I sincerely pity you.  Do you think Chuck Norris’s 70th birthday was in any way diminished because a 1980’s teen heartthrob took too many pills?  Of course not.  Norris woke up and blew out his candles with the wind generated by one of his patented roundhouse kicks.

So, don’t feel sorry for the man.  He starred in the The Lost Boys (which is something to be jealous of), he banged Nicole Eggert (which was something to be jealous of in 1991), and he spent his most successful years playing second fiddle to one of his best friends (OK, you can feel a little sorry for him).


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  1. chris Says:

    in memorium.

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