The Favre Rule

As opposed to baseball, football seems to be a sport that evolves with the changing times.  Rule changes and modifications to the game have become a regular occurrence at almost every offseason.  Typically, the changes are made to either level the playing field in regard to fairness or to bring a heightened sense of excitement to the game.  On the surface, you may think the NFL’s new overtime policy is doing just that.  As for me, I think you may as well call it “The Favre Rule.”

For those of you who don’t know, the NFL has decided to get rid of their current overtime structure, which is simply sudden death rules (first team to score wins).  Instead, the team that wins the coin toss now needs a touchdown to win the game.  If they are held to a field goal, the other team gets the ball back and either scores a touchdown to win the game, scores nothing and loses the game, or kicks a field goal themselves and puts the game back into a sudden death situation (this also happens if neither team scores on their first drive).  Oh, and this new structure will only be enforced during the playoffs.

Hmmm, very interesting.  You know, I remember just last postseason there was a game that went into overtime.  The team that lost the toss never got the ball when their defense allowed a field goal to be kicked on the first drive.  Man, which team was that.  I kinda remember their quarterback.  He was kinda old, kind of a prima donna, and the NFL and media just couldn’t seem to kiss his ass fast enough.  Well, maybe I’ll remember it later.

I know a lot of people will welcome this rule change, and quite honestly I do too, but the timing is just a little suspicious if you ask me.  The overtime structure in the NFL has been under scrutiny since I can remember.  But somehow when the almighty Favre caught the short end of the stick, immediate action was taken.

And why the hell is this rule only applying to the playoffs?  Every pro football team plays 16 games/season, which is significantly less than any other major sport in this country.  This means that in football, more than anything else, every game counts.  It almost seems like the NFL is saying that they don’t care if a coin toss screws over a regular season game (and no one likes tie games anyways).

At the end of the day, I know it isn’t Favre personally who initiated the change and the new rule is a step in the right direction.  But for us Packer fans here in the Badger State, it’s just more fuel to the fire.  And if you think I’m just acting bitter, you’re right.


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