Only Two Days ‘Til We Find Out…

  • Will ShoMiz remain “AWESOME!”?
  • Who among the up and comers will walk away with Money In The Bank?
  • Will 619 be forced to join the Straight-Edge Society?
  • Who will arise from the ashes of the dismantled “Legacy” stable?
  • Will the Celtic Warrior fall when he plays “The Game”?
  • Can The Animal successfully silence the Five Knuckle Shuffle?
  • Will the Montreal Screwjob be avenged?
  • Will the Walls of Jericho fall to the spear of the Rated R Superstar?
  • Will the Phenom’s undefeated streak be broken by HBK?

Most importantly, though, do you know or care what I’m talking about.

Well, if you do then you’re probably also shelling out the fifty bucks to see…

Anyways, here’s my picks for this fake sport…

  • ShoMiz will retain their title
  • Christian will win the “Money In The Bank” match
  • CM Punk will defeat Rey Mysterio (with the help of the Straight Edge Society)
  • Ted Dibiase will win the Triple Threat match (by cheating in some way)
  • Triple H will defeat Sheamus
  • John Cena will defeat Batista, becoming the new WWE Champion
  • Bret Hart will defeat Mr. McMahon (and McMahon will bleed)
  • Chris Jericho will retain his title (either by cheating or losing the match by disqualification)
  • The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania record will move to 18-0

Two more days. Get your Slim Jim’s ready bitches!


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One Response to “Only Two Days ‘Til We Find Out…”

  1. jamesdolata Says:

    Well, 6 out of 9 ain’t bad.

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