You Never Forget Your First

As I walked into work today ready to face another shitstorm of a week, I noticed that today is a rather special day, and I’ll never forget where I was on this day in 1996.  I was freshly fourteen years-old and just starting to break the parental shackles.  I was out on my own that night and thrown into a world with others who probably shared the same excitement and fear in the uncertainty of what could happen.  In a lot of ways, I would say that my childhood ended on that night. I’ll never forget the deafening screams as those four British guys looked down us.

Now, before you run telling everyone how I lost my virginity by being gang-raped by jagged toothed blokes from across the pond, you should know that I’m not describing my first sexual encounter, but actually my first concert.  And though the heyday of Bush and the Goo Goo Dolls has long since past, the first band I technically ever saw was the third most popular band on the bill at the time, No Doubt.  And if you ask me, that’s way better than other folks my age whose first experience with live music was an NKOTB show.

Hundreds upon Hundreds of concerts have crossed my eyes since; some better, some worse.  But the old adage holds true: you never forget your first.


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2 Responses to “You Never Forget Your First”

  1. Andy G Says:

    This is crazy, this show was also the first live concert I ever went to. You never do forget you’re first, and thanks to my cousin and his camera I was able to go and have a photo to help my memory.

    • jamesdolata Says:

      That’s awesome. If you wanna send that photo to me (, I can throw it on the site.

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