A Movie Review In 130 Words

In case you didn’t catch the new A Nightmare On Elm Street remake, here’s what you missed:

  1. A “rebirth of the series” that strayed from the original in only minor plot points.
  2. Tons of cheap scares.
  3. Jackie Earle Haley doing his best to act through the “real burn victim” makeup that caused him to resemble a melting alien who could not emote.
  4. Another “Nightmare” film that failed to realize that these movies take place in dreams and should be much more fucked up.
  5. Director Samuel Bayer being a hack.

Despite all these things, a new “Elm Street” film means renewed interest in the series, which means more sequels.  As a result, I cannot hate this film…and I’ll probably buy it.

What is wrong with me?


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2 Responses to “A Movie Review In 130 Words”

  1. stupidfitter Says:

    Lots of things james… lots of things

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