Pronger Steals The Puck…Literally

When  Chris Pronger played for the St. Louis Blues, I always had him pegged as kind of a douchebag;  and why wouldn’t I?  He played for one of my least favorite teams in hockey, he was quick to go for a cheap shot when the refs weren’t looking, and to top it all off ….he was really fucking good.  What a dick, huh?

But now times have changed.  He now plays for the Philadelphia Flyers (a team I hate substantially less than the Blues) and finds himself engaged in the Stanley Cup Finals pitted against the worst thing in all of the NHL, the Chicago Blackhawks.

So now, and at least for the next week, his acts of douchebaggery are focused on bringing pain and incessant bitching to the Second City’s hometown team and their devoted fans.  And because of this, all of his dirty little tricks have become both hilarious and awesome.  For example…

That’s right.  The last two Finals contests have ended the same way.

  1. The Blackhawks have skated away with the victory.
  2. Chris Pronger has skated away with the game puck.

This strategy is amazing.  At the end of each game, which both have been decided by one goal,  Pronger has looked to the players and fans of Chicago and said,”Sure, you won the game, but I got your gusto right here and I’m taking it back to Philly so I can shove it up your ass later.”

It’s very possible that the Blackhawks will eventually skate with Lord Stanley’s Cup (if Pronger doesn’t swipe that too), but you can’t deny that these events have gotten under the skin of Chicago.  At the very least, it’ll make for an interesting series.

Go Flyers!!!


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