2011. Yay!

Howdy folks.  Hope everyone is looking forward to the clean slate that the New Year will offer.  As for me, I’m trying to turn this into the year that I actually update this site on a regular basis.  So let’s get down to business.

First of all, after over a year of waiting, I can finally name a winner in the “Sending Me A Dollar” contest.  The winner is Nicole Rouleau (AKA my sister-in-law).  So congratulations Nickie; perhaps one day I’ll think of you when I’m sitting in my mansion, wiping my ass with twenties, and preserving my own youth by hiring scientists to conduct private stem cell research.

Secondly, the wife and I decided that only one animal crapping on our floor and burning a hole in our wallets wasn’t enough, so we went down to the Humane Society and picked up our newest dog, Lucky.  (Because he’s three-years-old, we let him keep his original name, even though I had my heart set on “Gorilla Monsoon”)

And finally, in an effort to keep my New Year’s resolution, I’m going to be randomly doing some “Look.Listen.Read” posts throughout the year.  These will basically consist of me talking about a song, movie, book, viral video, or anything else that catches my fancy.  The thing in question might be brand new,or it could be 100 years old; as long as it keeps this site from lying dormant.

So, for my first Look.Listen.Read post I wanted to start off with a bang.  I wanted to choose something with integrity; something that people will still talk about hundreds of years from now.  So without further delay I give you………………………..DEATH METAL ROOSTER.


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2 Responses to “2011. Yay!”

  1. Perry Z Says:

    Damn man, what were those sweet deep lyrics?
    Rooster death, “rawhhhhhhhhh”! Ha, good stuff.

  2. Steve Says:


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