Do I Really Have To Repeat Myself?

Did you read my last post?

What did I say?

Did you ever really doubt me?

Forget the crappy commercials.  Forget Christina Aguilera’s butchering of the national anthem.  And forget that the Black-Eyed Peas grabbed all the props they could when production of Tron 3D wrapped.  None of that shit matters.  All that matters is that the Green Bay Packers are better than everyone.  Those of us here in Wisconsin already knew it, and the folks in Chicago won’t admit it, but it’s absolutely true.  I’ll admit it was a tough road (After all, the Pack had to go through a dog-beater and a rapist), but it was inevitable that the Lombardi Trophy come home (before it becomes the “H&R Block Cup” or the “Tostitos Trophy” when the players strike and the NFL looks to new places for revenue).

But how did the Green & Gold do it?  How did a 10-6 team that just barely squeaked into the playoffs manage to go through the NFL’s best without a single home game in the postseason.  Do I really have to say it?

Of course it’s the ghost belt!  You cannot escape the mind-blowing dominance of the al-fucking-mighty ghost belt!  The belt alone is just a prop.  The imposing forces exist in the motion itself.  Aaron Rodgers knew it.  All season long he had been calling to it.  He went through 16 weeks of regular season play beckoning to it; hoping to be blessed with the luster it possesses.  And the ghost belt saw this.  It saw it was being summoned and evaluated Rodgers’s character.  It blessed him throughout the season with its all-powerful supremacy and appraised his worth.  As the season wound down, it came to the realization that #12 exhibited the respect, desire, and competence to acquire the vigor that it commands.  And in one divine moment, the inextinguishable might of the ghost belt came to a resolution.  Aaron Rodgers, in fact, was worthy.

And the rest, my friends, is Super Bowl history.

Fuck the Bears.


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