March Madness: This Year…It Matters

Recently, the wife and I decided that we would take at least one day every month and enjoy a nice dinner alone.  Sometimes we go out, other times she spends hours working on some phenomenal meal that contains dishes that I cannot pronounce, let alone cook.  So far, it’s been a really nice mini-tradition that always affords some great quality time to just talk and enjoy a meal.

And it is because of this, I quickly had to find a way to fuck it up.

I suggested to Jackie that the location of our next dinner date should be chosen by whoever does a better job at filling out their brackets for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.  Now, before everyone cries foul on this friendly wager; hear me out.  It is true that Jackie does not know much when it comes to the tournament, but I too also have jack shit when it comes to collegiate hoops knowledge. (The most interesting thing I learned about the sport in the last few years was that UAB’s logo strongly resembles “Trogdor the Burninator”) My rationalization is that any player worth knowing about will go on to the NBA, so why should I waste my time watching a future real estate broker play basketball.  So if you ask me, Jackie and I are pretty evenly matched when it comes to the tournament.

Below you will see both of our picks.(Note: We did not make picks for the “First Round” games.  Those are Play-In games.  I don’t giving a flying fuck what the NCAA calls them)  If you’re reading this and happen to have a good handle on college basketball, shoot me a line and let me know if I can expect a fancy grown-up dinner at a classy place; or will I get my way and be pulling my reluctant wife into the diverse splendor that Old Country Buffet has to offer.  And just to show that I’m a good sport; If I win, I will carry Jackie’s tray.

Now that’s love.

Here are my picks: (Click the image to enlarge)

And here are Jackie’s picks: (Click the image to enlarge)


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