Look.Listen.Read: Bill & Ted…Back Again!

Keanu Reeves.

One might think many things when uttering this name.  As for me, only one word comes to mind: Terrible.

I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all, but I’ve seen plenty of his movies and, whether I enjoyed them or not, I always wished there was someone else, anyone else, in his place.  I even had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing his band, Dogstar, back in the ‘90s.  It was the only time I wished he was just an actor.

There is, however, one role he played to perfection; capturing every aspect and nuance of his character in a seemingly flawless capacity:

So why am I drudging up old Bill & Ted clips?  Because for the first time in 20 years, I am excited about a Keanu Reeves movie.  That’s right, Mr. Reeves himself confirmed that he will soon reprise his role as “Ted” in the third installment of the series.

I just wonder where the hell they’re gonna find a phone booth in 2011.



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2 Responses to “Look.Listen.Read: Bill & Ted…Back Again!”

  1. Bil Says:

    Great. I can’t wait for Back 2 The Future 4! Michael J Fox travels back to the 80’s to shake a leg with Patrick Swayze.

  2. James Dolata Says:

    I’m not sure if that’s a Parkinson’s joke. But if it is, nicely done sir.

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