Fuck This Job And Fuck Brian

Most of the time, I tend to put on something of a cynical front.  I look at the downside of everything, destroy people’s dreams, and offer negative criticism in a plethora of ways.  I mainly do this for no reason other than to be an asshole.  But at the end of day, when I drift off to sleep, I tend to be more like everyone else and fill my head with thoughts of rainbows, puppy-dog magic, and an overwhelming sense that everything will be OK.

The only thing that keeps me from lying head to pillow with a positive outlook is my job.  A bad day at work shoots my mood down in a hurry.  Probably the same way Mark Wahlberg would abruptly shift his demeanor if someone played “Good Vibrations” in his presence (Note: I would happily take a right hook from the whole Funky Bunch to be the person who does that.) 

So yeah, today was a bad day.  And the weirdest part is that it wasn’t the fault of any of my fellow co-workers.  It was simply the weight of the day that sent me from model employee to the guy who wants to do nothing more than holler obscenities and take a dump in the middle of my workspace while simultaneously punching a baby.

What keeps me from doing this, you ask?  Well, today I just took a deep breath and watched the following video, imagining what would happen if I tried to pull some shit like this at my job.



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One Response to “Fuck This Job And Fuck Brian”

  1. Shawn Larkin Says:

    It says “F***, Brian”…and uh…I’m Brian….

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