Look.Listen.Read.: Foo Fighters – “I Should Have Known”

This is what I do when a Foo Fighters record comes out.

  1. I buy it the day it comes out for no reason other than it is a Foo Fighters record.
  2. I skim through it quickly and pick out one to three tracks I deem as good.
  3. I shelf the album and quickly forget about it.
  4. I stumble onto the CD one to two years later and finally realize how good it is.

I think last week’s release of “Wasting Light” might mark the first time I don’t make the aforementioned mistakes listed above.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of listens to realize Grohl & Co.’s latest release is quite simply another solid collection of tracks from one of the only rock bands left.  And for a Nirvana fan such as myself, “Wasting Light” even features Krist Novoselic on bass and accordion for what in my mind is the best track on the album, “I Should Have Known.”

Simply put, awesome.


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