Thanks For The Advice Lebron

Last night, I crawled into a cozy bed and turned the television on. As I was just about to fall asleep and drift into a dream-world where aspiring singers did not have their vocal credentials judged by Nicki Minaj, I was abruptly woken by a commercial.

This commercial.

Now I have nothing bad to say about the message here. Kids should stay in school. The messenger however, is in my opinion, quite questionable.

How could the people who put this campaign together decide that Lebron James was the man for the job when it comes to telling this country’s youth to keep themselves in the classroom? Let’s not forget, this is the same Lebron James who once petitioned the NBA to change its eligibility requirements and allow him to enter the league before graduating high school.

And when King James ‘s petition was denied, what did he do after the 12th grade? Did he take his insane talent and use it to get himself a free ride to just about any college in the country? Nope. He jumped into the NBA before his diploma even had the chance to collect dust.

Do I blame Lebron? Hell no. I probably would’ve done the same thing. After all, you gotta strike while the iron’s hot. He took what the basketball gods gave him and cashed in. And who knows, maybe one day when his playing days are over, he’ll go back to school and get a degree. But for now, he’s got about as much business telling kids to stay in school as politicians have telling the American people to compromise.


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