Life Imitating Farts

Everyday we are faced with challenges, some more daunting than others. Whether it be the simple will to get out of bed and face the day or the unyielding struggle to reach a higher station in life, we must constantly navigate a menagerie of obstacles to give ourselves the most fulfilling existence possible. What is often lost as we run the race of life is all the little things we accomplish that lead to our momentous life-changing experiences.

Everyday by necessity we employ our own version of a “crawl before you walk” mentality. Small victories, which we often forget within a day’s time, end up speaking volumes to levels we could never fathom. We get our bills paid on time. We cook a nice dinner for ourselves. And of course, we use the guise of a noisy environment to pass gas around complete strangers.

Unfortunately, these small conquests often go unnoticed and unappreciated. Until now, that is.


That’s right. Hide The Fart, the latest game I found for my Kindle Fire, gives us all the opportunity to relive those glorious moments that only a stealth fart can provide.

Click here for the Google Play download.


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