The Best “Oh Shit!” Moments of Wrestlemania

With “The Show of Shows” a mere two days away, I figure it’s only fitting to take a look back at some of the greatest moments from the last 28 Wrestlemanias. That being said, I do realize that a good chunk of the people who read this don’t really care about wrestling. I accept the fact that some people just don’t find merit in epic matches like Savage/Steamboat from ‘Mania III or Michaels/Undertaker from ‘Mania XXVI. As a result I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be the best “Oh Shit!” moments in Wrestlemania history, to be enjoyed by wrestling enthusiasts and novices alike.

10. Wrestlemania 22 – Boogeyman Does His Thing
For anyone who has ever seen him, here is the Boogeyman at his finest (eating live worms). (Skip to the 2:45 mark)

9. Wrestlemania 2 – Roddy Piper Bodyslams Mr. T
The fact that we see a bodyslam in this boxing match is only made better when discovering the real-life animosity between Piper and Mr. T. (skip to the 13:00 mark)

8. Wrestlemania 17 – Shane McMahon: Coast To Coast
Throughout his short but impressive in-ring career, Vince McMahon’s son showed he would try just about anything. This is simply more proof of that.

7. Wrestlemania 14 – Kane Vs. Pete Rose
Why do the The Big Red Monster and MLB’s all-time hits leader have such disdain for one another? It’s a question that has never, and should never, be answered.

6. Wrestemania 19 – Lesnar’s Botched Shooting Star Press
Is doesn’t take a wrestling expert to know that landing any move on your neck or head is a bad thing. Lesnar ended up with a severe concussion, but did still finish the match.

5. Wrestlemania 17 – The Spear
Edge and his opponents always had a knack for making “the spear” look pretty painful, but when executed from the top of a ladder – no effort is needed.

4. Wrestlemania 23 – Vince McMahon’s Haircut
I don’t know how many billionaires would be willing to have themselves completely embarrassed in front of millions of people on live television, but I know there’s at least one.

3. Wrestlemania 12 – Roddy Piper Vs. Goldust: The Hollywood Backlot Brawl
With an abundance of brutality, gay overtones, a transvestite, and a parodied recreation of O.J. Simpson’s infamous low-speed Ford Bronco chase, I’m not sure what else you could add for more of a shock factor. (and of course I can’t find a video for it)

2. Wrestlemania 21 – Taxi Driver Parody
When Wrestlemania came to L.A. in 2005, the show included a Hollywood theme that was seen throughout with several short movie spoofs. The Taxi Driver parody was by far the most entertaining.

1. Wrestlemania 22 – Through The Fire
Leave it to Mick Foley to do just about anything to entertain a crowd. After already being beaten with barbed wire bats, thumbtacks, and a menagerie of other weapons, the climax arrived when Edge sent Mick through a table…that happened to be on fire.


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