Countdown To Wrestlemania 29: The (Almost) Lost Article

(The following is an article I did about tomorrow’s Undertaker Vs. CM Punk match. It was originally supposed to run on another site, but hey, shit happens. So Instead of having it lost forever, here it is. Hopefully it will wet your whistle for tomorrow night, Wrestlemania 29!)

For the past four years, the Undertaker has delivered some of the greatest matches of his career at Wrestlemania. But why? Is it due to anticipation WWE has built by turning the Deadman into a “once a year” attraction? Maybe. Is it because ‘Taker has been paired with wrestlers like Shawn Michaels and Triple H? Perhaps. Is it because the lore of “the Streak” has become a catalyst that practically sets the stage for an epic match? It seems fairly obvious that the WWE brass thinks just that.

And who better to test that theory than CM Punk.

The last four years have seen the WWE stacking the deck in regard to the Undertaker’s opponents. With challengers like HBK and HHH, we’ve become accustomed to a certain caliber of wrestler taking on “the Streak”. It’s for this reason that many were a little surprised, maybe even upset, when CM Punk was given the opportunity to put a “1” on the right side of the Phenom’s Wrestlemania record. For as experienced and talented as the Straight Edge Superstar is, he doesn’t have the name recognition or living legend status as ‘Taker’s last two opponents.

And this is why CM Punk will (or at least should) defeat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

Unlike wrestlers like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and the Rock, CM Punk has yet to be given that push to the next level. His 400+ day title reign has put him among the elite of the current WWE roster and shown that the company has faith in his development. However, now Punk’s name needs to stand comfortably beside some of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and cleanly pinning the Deadman on wrestling’s grandest stage could easily make that a reality. The Voice of the Voiceless has all of the tools to become the company’s next legend in the making and usher in a new era of wrestling.

As much as all of us have enjoyed (and maybe even grown up) watching the Undertaker compete over the last 20+ years, it may be time to see the Deadman’s swan song. At last year’s Wrestlemania, ‘Taker proved that he does indeed still have what it takes to give audiences an incredible show. Unfortunately for us fans, he can’t do it forever. And as Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and Jeff Hardy have clearly shown us; leaving the WWE as a winner is not likely. So for as strange and off-putting as it may seem to see The Phenom on his back at the show of shows as the ref’s count hits three, it would actually be the greatest gift he could give to the wrestling fans.

If the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania record remains untarnished, it would simply be a wasted opportunity on WWE’s part. Every epic title reign eventually comes to an end, and “the Streak” should be no different. CM Punk has paid his dues and shown he’s ready to take his career to the next plateau and become “the 1 in 20-1.” As for the Undertaker, no one match could ever destroy the reputation he’s earned as one of wrestling’s greatest. He has gained an unfathomable amount of respect from fans and wrestlers alike, and I’m sure he will show everyone how a true legend leaves with class.


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One Response to “Countdown To Wrestlemania 29: The (Almost) Lost Article”

  1. julio v Says:

    I completely agree. Punk SHOULD/WILL END THE STREAK. If he doesn’t, then I just feel that CM Punk will suffer a career setback. From a 400+ day reign as champion, to losing the title to the Rock, and then losing to Taker? I just dont see it unless WWE WANTS Punk to leave the company.

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