You’re Next, A-Rod


Just in case you were holding out hope for a late-season Brewers playoff push, Major League Baseball slapped a 65 game suspension on Ryan Braun and all but destroyed any dreams Milwaukee fans had of seeing some October baseball in the Brew City.

When I first learned of Braun’s suspension yesterday, the first thing I did was check an old post I did about a year and a half ago when he became the first MLB player to successfully appeal a suspension for violating the league’s drug policy. I was sure I had written something stupid and would be forced to eat crow based on whatever my views were at the time. Surprisingly though, I pretty much feel the same way I did back in February of 2012.

There is however one exception: I am actually more proud of Ryan Braun now than I was then.

Let’s face the facts here. When Braun successfully appealed the suspension last year, he pissed off a lot people; specifically the league executives. Major League Baseball does not want to look bad, and I’d be willing to bet all of Brauny’s forfeited income that the League has been on him like stink on shit for the past 18 months, just waiting for him to fuck up.

And on top of MLB being pissed, the fans were not too happy with him either. Even here in Milwaukee, most Brewers fans at the very least had some suspicions as to whether or not Braun really passed his drug test for PEDs last year. Most of us were all but certain that his appeal was granted on a technicality. I can’t speak for everyone else, but to me it felt like when the cashier gives me too much change and I decide to say nothing. It felt dirty.

So now Ryan Braun finds himself in a scenario that has seemingly been in the making for quite some time. Major League Baseball has suspended Ryan Braun for the rest of the season, and Braun has accepted it. And this is why I’m slightly proud of him.

Now don’t get me wrong, Ryan Braun cheated and completely deserves his suspension and the loss of pay that comes with it (and I would have no issue with the League taking his MVP award away). Basically, He fucked up royally. Uncharacteristically however, he’s accepting his punishment. And unfortunately this is so outside the norm in regard to pro baseball players that sadly I have no choice but to give a little credit to a ballplayer who actually takes responsibility for his actions.

For once, and quite possibly the first time in his career, Ryan Braun did not think of himself first. He could’ve appealed the decision and denied everything. The league would’ve then presented a mountain of evidence against him. Then, after weeks and/or months of litigation, a suspension encompassing a good chunk (if not all) of next season would’ve been handed down. And at the end of day, Braun would have only his own word (which no one would believe) to fall back on. But instead of doing that, he admitted guilt (which is seemingly unheard of) and decided to take his suspension immediately; hopefully giving himself and his team a fresh start next year (because realistically, this season is over for the Brewers, currently at 41-57). My only hope now is that A-Rod goes the “deny, deny, deny” route, ‘cause it’ll only make Braun look better.

So thanks Ryan Braun. You (kind of sort of but not really) did the right thing.


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