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Review: Knife – Blackmale

July 31, 2013


A few weeks ago (July 12th to be exact) after pre-gaming at my apartment, my wife Jackie and friend Kluck decided to wet our whistles at the local watering hole. As drinks continued to flow, my demeanor slowly but steadily improved. Before long, I realized that this would be one of those enchanted evenings where that magical combination of Pabst and Jameson transforms my normally awkward self into a social butterfly. My wife, who quickly assessed the situation and recognized the rarity of this occurrence, suggested we go check out a hip hop show at another bar. “Let’s go,” I said. At this point, I probably could’ve turned an infant’s funeral into a good time.

So off we went, trekking on foot about a half-mile down the road on a beautiful summer night to the Highbury. I walked in, and before I could run to the bar for another drink, my attention was immediately grabbed by the music.

On any other night, I probably would not have enjoyed myself as much as I did on this particular evening. My natural behavior at just about any show is to find a place in the back and bob my head, most likely in an uncoordinated manner. However, the music coming out the speakers and the booze in my belly created the perfect storm of awesomeness. The stars simply aligned and for one wonderful hour, I simply didn’t care how white I probably looked.

The rapper on stage, known simply as Knife, sounded way too talented to be performing at a shitty little soccer-themed bar in Wisconsin. Perhaps it was because I hadn’t seen a hip hop show in a place like this since I saw KRS-One a decade ago, but it sounded amazing. He even threw out a freestyle for a few minutes, rapping about whatever items were handed to him by the crowd.

After the show, I talked to Knife briefly and decided to forgo any future alcoholic beverages (like I really needed them at that point) and use the last of my cash to pick up his CD, Blackmale. I walked (i.e. stumbled) home and passed the fuck out, subsequently forgetting that I had even the bought the album.

So Last Saturday night, as I got ready to take a shower before bed (because I was back to my normal introverted self), I stumbled across Blackmale and decided to finally give it a listen. As it turns out, even a completely obliterated James knows good shit when he hears it. There’s even a track on the album that samples the “bass battle” bass-line from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (underrated movie, by the way). So do yourself and favor and check this guy out.

Now, I’m sure there are some of you thinking, “Why the fuck should I buy this album. You really didn’t tell me anything about how it sounds?“ Well, to that I will leave you with the wise words of Pickles The Drummer from Dethklok:

“Talking about music is like painting about farting.”